Hello dear reader, thanks for stopping by Lick Your Plate.

I write this blog because I’m mad about cooking, baking and eating.  I find food and its traditions and histories fascinating, and it’s my hobby to pick up weird and wonderful cook books (the more retro, the better) from second hand shops and book sales, and then give the recipes a go.  Successful purchases so far include a copy of Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course published in  1982…I’ve yet to find a better recipe for roast beef.

In this vein, I am attempting to cook the entire Edmonds Cookery Book, and you can read about my adventures doing so on this blog.  When I’m not experimenting with Edmonds, I like to blog about all of the other little bits and pieces I enjoy whipping up in my kitchen.

I’m terribly nosey and I always click on the ‘About’ bit first whenever I visit blogs, so for those of you similarly inclined, here are some more details about me:

  • I used to be obsessed with birds as a kid and I still love them.  We’ve just moved to a new house and our garden is full of beautiful native birds which I can watch from my kitchen.  That is bliss in my world.
  • I like taking photos of small, cute animals with my phone.  This includes our niece and nephew (who I collectively term ‘the nephlings’) and small humans belonging to my friends.
  • I am a long-time resident of a lovely hilly little capital city in the Antipodes.  I also called South London my home for a few years and Britain will always have a special pocket in my heart, particularly that fantastic British tea, to which I am now converted.
  • I am the eldest child of four girls and my sisters are some of my favourite people in the world.  I am married and my lovely husband, a football-loving geek who luckily enjoys eating my baking, originally hails from Northern Ireland and England.

Bon appétit!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Love it. Excellent parsley, too. Looking forward to your next post, and also to your amazing cooking on Thursday.
    Pec and MrB

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