Bored of sandwiches

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sandwich.  Although bread has been having a hard time of late, what with low-carb fashions and suspicions about gluten, I do not let these things hold me back.

Nonetheless, we all have times when we crave a little change from the humble sandwich.  This week is one of those times and so the Mr and I put together some sushi.


Now, please don’t think I am making claims for any kind of sushi-making prowess, and certainly nothing in the league of the talented Jiro in the delightful film, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, which I heartily recommend by the way.  No, I always find sushi-making a bit of a stretch of my technical abilities, with plenty of frantic stuffing of rice and filling into the hapless nori.


Concerns about presentation aside (which I understand is certainly not the point if one is making sushi properly), there is still something very satisfying about  the combination of sticky, vinegary rice  and the filling of one’s choosing.  I am an avocado nut, and so I always plump for plenty of avocado, along with tuna and plenty of capsicum and carrot in this instance.


And as we’re talking about sushi ingredients, I just can’t help adding a few snaps from Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, where the proper sushi chefs find their ingredients.  A far cry from my tinned tuna, I know.


The nice people at BBC Food provide these helpful instructions for cooking sushi rice.  My sushi even fits nicely into my much-love Tupperware sandwich container, which will be housing sandwiches again before long I’m sure.  Happy eating ’til next time.



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